Everything you need to know before buying a UPS

We are living in an era where we are highly reliant on electronics devices and services such as online shopping and data processing. This dependence on electronics brings with it rapidly rising power demands. However, power outages is a common thing is most places and with it comes the risk of data loss and damage of hardware but a creative solution has been found, UPS.

Why GE power supply is the best

In the industrial sector, power is an important part of making sure that every operation can be carried out unhindered. Good illumination and power also ensure that workers function in a healthy, conducive ambiance. For bright, clear and reliable…

The LP 11 Series by GE

Easy to install and maintain, and versatile enough to accommodate office environments as well as more-demanding commercial and industrial ones, the LP 11 Series by GE is a true-voltage, frequency-independent, double conversion, online UPS system designed to provide the highest level of protection for all critical loads against all utility variances and failure.

IT Series UPS by GE

Ideal for servers supporting varying load levels, the IT Series by GE is a robust commercial UPS system or industrial UPS system for providing cost-effective protection against power outages, voltage fluctuations, and transient surges for sensitive equipment. Line-interactive with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to ensure sine wave purity, it’s available in both tower and 19-inch rack formats. Standard features include hot-swappable batteries, RS232 and USB communication ports, and a RJ11 port for telephone/modem protection. Product warranty is a full two years.
GE VH Series

VH Series UPS by GE

The Digital Energy™ VH Series by GE is a true-voltage, frequency-independent, double conversion, online UPS system designed to provide robust protection against voltage fluctuations and power outages for datacenter, telecom, laboratory, and mission-critical applications. Available in either tower or rack design, the VH Series has a 0.9 power factor and comes with a standard three-year warranty.

GT Series UPS by GE

Easy to install and maintain, the transformerless GT Series is a true voltage & frequency independent, online, double-conversion UPS designed to provide robust power protection for a wide range applications. Both its power and redundancy are expandable by adding units (N2) to create a parallel system. Available in tower or rack configurations. Standard features include standard remote monitoring, simplifying operation from remote or unmanned sites, as well as an RS-232 port and contact interface. Options include a Web-enabled SNMP card.

LP-11U Series UPS by GE

Quiet, compact, and easy to maintain, the office-friendly Digital Energy™ LP11U Series by GE is a high-performance UPS system especially designed to provide protection for a wide range of mission-critical applications in power-dense applications. Full-time double conversion mode—along with true online voltage & frequency independent operation—ensure maximum protection for your industrial UPS system or commercial UPS system. For increased power capacity and/or to ensure redundancy, the proprietary Redundant Parallel Architecture™ enables the LP11U Series to be paralleled to as many as to four units.