Why should you choose N1 Critical Technologies for designing, installing, and maintaining your business-critical UPS system?

Our technical advisors bring more than a decade of experience to designing GE industrial UPS systems, GE commercial UPS systems, GE UPS systems for server rooms, and GE whole-building UPS systems.

We have clients of virtually every size and type who depend upon an uninterruptible power supply system, including datacenters, financial institutions, medical clinics, hospitals, office complexes, call centers, telecom centers, server rooms, server closets, and more.

We are more than your go-to source for the entire range of GE industrial UPS systems and GE commercial UPS systems. We are also experts at bridging the gap between the articulated needs of your IT professionals and the economic constraints of efficiently running your business. How so?

We have extensive practical experience designing high-quality power backup systems and other emergency uninterruptible power supply systems, and an intimate knowledge of the specifications, capabilities, and service histories of the entire range of GE UPS products and systems. The net effect?

We’ll help you meet or exceed the technical parameters desired by your IT professionals in the most cost-effective manner, using the GE UPS products and systems that will provide the most robust UPS battery-backup power-supply solution at the optimal price.

And although unlikely, if no GE UPS system satisfactorily meets your unique needs, we are also fully-authorized providers of emergency power supply systems for: