Pros and Cons of Electric UPS for Your Business

The increasing incidents of power outage or power failure have affected the life of everyone including individuals and business organisations. On one hand individuals are searching a temporary alternative for unpredictable load shedding and on the other business organisations are searching for the source that can provide uninterrupted supply of power to run their computers and other electronic devices without any problem.

This problem of uncertain power supply can be resolved in two ways – by using power generators and UPS, depending upon the affordability of the user. Power generators are a bit costly option for a common person but they can be suitable for business establishments. UPS on the other hand is an affordable option for almost everyone, regardless of his financial condition. The information provided here under will help you to know the pros and cons of UPS in one’s life.

Pros of UPS Systems

Standby power supply: Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS electric system is based on sophisticated batteries to help in providing you power supply when it is not available from mains. These batteries get charged with the help of the current flowing through them when the power from mains is on and supplies back that power to you when supply from mains is off.

Instant power supply: UPS systems provide you backup power supply without any delay to support critical instruments that require stable power supply every time. You can choose their size and type according to the amount of power required to run your digital system properly until you shut it off safely and properly without any risk to your data.

Silent power supply: Unlike power generators UPS electric provide power backup without making any noise. They provide instantaneous power backup automatically and silently, as compared to power generators, when the grid power goes away without any warning. Moreover, maintenance of UPS is cheaper than the maintenance of power generators. If used carefully the battery of UPS can serve you for long time without any considerable maintenance.

Cons of Ups system

Unable to run heavy appliances: It is the main drawback of UPS power backup system. It can run fans, lights and other appliances recommended by its producer company and that even for limited period. So, a UPS cannot be suitable for you if you live in the area with heavy power shedding.

Substandard batteries: Batteries are most important and expensive factor of a UPS. You will have to refill battery liquid frequently to allow it to serve you for long time. Moreover, the length of service provided by your battery depends upon its quality. A cheap battery can serve you not more than 5-6 months whereas good quality battery can provide you backup power for 2-3 years.

Require professional installation: You may need the help of a professional electrician to install a UPS system in your property to run your lights and fans through it at the time of power outage. Improper installation of Ups can damage it, if the entire load of your house is shifted to it due to this reason.

Thus, you can make a right decision for buying electrically operated UPS systems after going through their pros and cons.