Electricity, undoubtedly is one of the most important resource in our day to day life. Be it hospitality, education sector, IT sector, data centers, all require a basic necessity to work, i.e electricity. But what if electricity goes off? How would all these sectors carry out their functions without this basic necessity? That’s where UPS systems comes into picture. A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system ensures a continuous power supply whenever there is a sudden power outage.… Read more

If you are searching to buy 3KVA UPS to provide uninterrupted power supply to your computer and allied devices then GE or GE Industrial Solutions can help you in getting a suitable UPS for you. In fact, GE offers various types of 3KVA UPS with different features and benefits. You can choose from them as per your requirements to work safely on your computer.… Read more

Power loss in some industries can cause major shortcomings like data loss, occupational interruptions and even fatalities in the extreme cases. To prevent such occurrences, it is always important for an industry to have a back-up plan in case of power failure.

The industrial UPS power supply works perfectly to keep your industry in action when the main power source of the industry fails.… Read more

The increasing incidents of power outage or power failure have affected the life of everyone including individuals and business organisations. On one hand individuals are searching a temporary alternative for unpredictable load shedding and on the other business organisations are searching for the source that can provide uninterrupted supply of power to run their computers and other electronic devices without any problem.… Read more

All computers in today’s world are totally dependent on electrical supply to function properly. Hence voltage fluctuations, Brownouts, blackouts and power cuts/surges are the major reasons for causing damage to computers and other electronic devices. If you are in the middle of your critical work these power interruptions will cause a great deal of time and effort loss for any individuals who are putting their time, focus and effort to get their work done.… Read more

The main job of a UPS is to filter and consequently transform incoming AC power to ensure it is both stable and clean. UPS systems also supply emergency power from several batteries while awaiting a backup generator to come online. Industrial UPSs are power supply systems that are fully customized for rugged environments. They are particularly designed to safeguard the critical loads found in industrial applications.… Read more

A GE UPS is a device that provides emergency, short term power to an appliance when the input power source fails. Power outages should not disrupt your work when a UPS can power your Personal Computer (PC) or data center until the mains power is restored. A UPS provides instant power to guard you against interruptions that could result in the loss of unsaved data, disruptions, injuries or damage to equipment.… Read more

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. The purpose of a UPS is to protect your computer from numerous kinds of electrical faults. It stabilizes the power from the output to ensure your PC receives a steady power supply. They also keep your PC running for a brief period after power shuts off suddenly. This gives you time to save all your files before the PC shuts down.… Read more

Presently, we all see and feel what is going on with our world. The scarcity of all natural resources including electrical energy is taking place all over the world. Blackouts occur more often. Even rich countries are experiencing an electrical shortage. The question is what we can do to face this problem? Is there a solution to electrical power shortage?

The truth is this concern has been raised since the time electricity or power was created.… Read more

Smart business practice and industrial solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small business and what amount of business you do locally and internationally. Most likely you will need electronic and energy solutions that fit your business model and style from data center solutions to terminal blocks and starters. How do you pick the right company to help you?… Read more