LP-33U Series by GE

Easy to install and maintain, the LP-33U Series is a true voltage & frequency independent, online, double-conversion UPS designed to provide robust power protection for a wide range applications.

SG Series UPS by GE

Designed to provide high efficiency at partial load conditions, the SG Series delivers low input harmonic distortion, and it has dynamic response and output voltage-regulation that are best-in-class. Reliable, efficient, and boasting up to 99 percent operating efficiency—with written guarantees thereto—a typical 5MW datacenter could conceivably realize savings up to $300,000 thanks to power & cooling efficiencies. Can be paralleled up to six modules.
GE TLE Series

TLE Series UPS by GE

Representing the latest power conversion technology, the new TLE Series is an innovative UPS that promises best-in-class reliability, efficiency, and power for your commercial UPS system or industrial UPS system. Operating in unison, the tri-level inverter and multi-mode architecture make real-time decisions between premium protection vs. premium efficiency, delivering up to 97 percent efficiency in premium protection mode and as much as 99 percent in efficiency mode.