Services for GE UPS Systems by N1 Critical Technologies

We can provide nationwide service contracts for GE UPS systems and equipment
We offer three levels of affordable service contracts for your GE uninterruptable power supply systems and equipment. Each helps ensure a constant supply of clean and reliable power for your enterprise and minimize the risk of accidental downtime. You’ll get the help you want as quickly as possible.

  • N1 Full Service Plan — this includes scheduled maintenance for your GE emergency uninterruptible power supply system as well as emergency and nonemergency repairs. Remote diagnostic & maintenance monitoring ensures that our technicians know about real or potential malfunctions—perhaps even before you do! LDepend on our local technicians to respond within four hours—and usually sooner—with genuine GE parts acquired near-to-you from our worldwide network of resources. Find out more.
  • N1 Preventative Maintenance Plan — this includes scheduled maintenance for your GE commercial UPS system or GE industrial UPS system according to industry best practices and the GE recommended maintenance schedule. Emergency and nonemergency repair services are provided per the terms of our Time & Materials contract (below) at discounted prices. Find out more.
  • N1 Time & Materials Plan — you have complete control. Pay as you go. No contract required. Let us know when you want to have routine or recommended maintenance for your uninterruptible power supply equipment and we’ll be there ASAP. Likewise, call our 24/7 call center for emergency repairs to your GE UPS system and we’ll be there at the earliest possible time. Find out more.

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