Things to Know About Different Types of 3KVA UPS from GE

If you are searching to buy 3KVA UPS to provide uninterrupted power supply to your computer and allied devices then GE or GE Industrial Solutions can help you in getting a suitable UPS for you. In fact, GE offers various types of 3KVA UPS with different features and benefits. You can choose from them as per your requirements to work safely on your computer.

GT Series UL Listed UPS from GE

GT Series UPS from GE is a true Ups with double conversion range and Voltage and Frequency Independent or VFI on line UPS that can provide safe power supply to all your business related important applications. It is available in two designs, rack mount and tower to provide high class power protection to all your essential applications.

All the Ups units in this series, equipped with optional SNMP interface and RS232 communication capabilities, can be controlled with microprocessor to use with all popular operating systems. All its models are provided with additional matching cabinet for the battery to increase its runtime. The Ups of this series are also backed by comprehensive product warranty for two years.

Benefits and Features of GT series UPS

  • GT series GE 3KVA UPS offer a modern and fully digitized reliable platform controlled by microprocessor.
  • To extend the runtime of the battery matching battery cabinets are provided with all its models.
  • Its programmable outlet allows you to select its shutdown time, if you are using lesser load.
  • It appropriately fits to any office due to its modern design and low level of audible noises
  • This UPS can be started cold as it does not need the presence of grid power to work
  • You can instantly know the status of your UPS with the help of high visibility graphic display provided with it.

VH Series UL Listed GE UPS

VH series UPS from GE are available in different capabilities ranging from 700 VA to 3KVA. The can be used to connect your critical load to the utility to provide reliable and constant power supply if the supply from the utility fails or drops.

The power supply of VH series GE UPS can be adjusted as per the changing requirements of the configurations of the network. GE 3KVA UPS with three-year warranty can provide highly reliable power protection to your important applications for long time.

Benefits and features of VH series GE UPS

  • They have hot swappable batteries that can be replaced without disturbing you load.
  • For small users they are constructed in 2U design in all ratings
  • They are provided with matching battery cabinets to increase their battery life
  • Their battery life can be extended and protected effectively with their superior battery management system
  • While using at isolated or unmanned sites they can be accessed and monitored remotely.

They are reliable due to their features of failsafe bypass, WFI, standard USB connection, communication options of different range and high output power factor.

Thus, after going through the information provided in this write-up you can easily choose a 3KVA UPS from GE as per your requirement.