VH Series UPS by GE

GE VH SeriesThe Digital Energy™ VH Series by GE is a true-voltage, frequency-independent, double conversion, online UPS system designed to provide robust protection against voltage fluctuations and power outages for datacenter, telecom, laboratory, and mission-critical applications. Available in either tower or rack design, the GE VH Series has a 0.9 power factor and comes with a standard three-year warranty.

Features & Benefits Of GE VH Series

  • High efficiency at all loads
  • Can operate between 0°C to 40°C
  • Advanced battery protection
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Regular automatic battery test
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Cold start
  • Energy-saving eco-friendly 95 percent efficiency
  • At-a-glance LED display of system status

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Product Specifications

Unique failsafe internal bypass Continued operation even with overload or over-temperature
2U design for all ratings Small footprint; parts supplied for tower or rack assembly
Hot swappable batteries Simple, fast battery replacement without disruption to the load
Matching battery cabinets Longer battery life available with the addition of extra battery cabinet(s)
Superior battery management Provides protection to the battery and extends the battery life
Remote monitoring Easy access and control even for unmanned or isolated sites
MTBF >730,000 hours Proven reliability
Increased power handling 0.9 output power factor delivers more actual power to the load


Technical Specs

GE VH Series UPS Technical Specifications
VH SERIES 700 , 1000 , 1500 , 2000
Voltage Amperes (VA) with computer type load
Watts (W) with resistive load
700 , 1000 , 1500 , 1920
630 , 900 , 1350 , 1740
AC input voltage
Input current waveform
Input current (A) at nominal input voltage
Input power factor
Input frequency range
Inrush current
60 – 140V
Sinusoidal, EN 61000-3-2(IEC 555-2) compliant
6.6 , 9.1 , 13.9 , 16
AC output voltage
Output frequency
Output waveform
Power Factor
Capacity appliance outlets
100 / 110 / 115 / 120 / 127V (selectable)
Auto selectable or 50/60 Hz, front selectable
Sine wave
max. 20A per outlet (+1 high power outlet max. 20A, on 2000VA model only)
AC input voltage range
Frequency tracking rate
Frequency tracking range
Phase difference
Typical transfer time, msec
Selected output voltage -15% to +10%
“2 Hz / sec
nominal ±10% / ±2% selectable
<1° typical (max.7° during tracking frequency range)
BATTERIES (rating given for 77°F)
Nominal voltage (Vdc)
Number / Ah batteries
Service life
Recharge current
Battery recharge time (batt. discharge at 100% load)
Runtime in minutes at typical load (75%)
36 , 36 , 72 , 72
3/7 , 3/9 , 6/7 , 6/9
Sealed lead acid , maintenance free
up to 6 years (depending on use)
1.5 A
3 hours for 90% capacity, std battery
12 , 12 , 11 , 12
Weight UPS (lbs/kg)
Dimensions UPS (HxWxD)Enclosure / protection
35/16 , 37/17 , 64/29 , 71/32
3.4×17.2×18.5 inch , 3.4×17.2×21.3 inch
87x438x470 mm , 87x438x540 mm
steel-plastic / IP20
Electromagnetic compatibility
Ambient temperature
Audible noise at 1 meter
Max. relative humidity
UL 1778, 4th Edition
EN 62040-2
32 to 104°F (o to +40°C)
< 45 dB(A), load and temperature dependent
95% (non-condensing)


Industries & Applications

The VH Series UPS is a more powerful solution in a compact footprint for smaller users who have relatively denser power requirements in clinics & hospitals, financial institutions, businesses, and other sites in need of an emergency power supply system. Available in rack or tower platforms and perfect for applications including but not limited to:

  • Smaller data centers, IT systems, or telecom closets with relatively larger power needs
  • Network switching & processing equipment
  • PLC controls
  • High-quality power backup system for AS-400 systems

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