Don’t let power outages decrease your efficiency.

The ge lp series provides emergency power when the main power fails. It incorporates the most advanced power electronics technology thanks to the brilliant engineering. In addition, it’s designed to provide protection for all critical loads avoiding serious business disruption or data loss. It’s easy to service and install. On the other hand, it can be integrated into office, commercial and industrial environments. The UPS has built a legacy as a leading supplier of critical power solutions. It’s excellent overload behavior can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Let me walk you through the UPS in details


Redundant parallel architecture

To increase the power capacity, the ups can parallel up to 4 units in the most cost effective manner. It’s designed to eliminate any single points of failure commonly found in other UPS systems. Further, the system reliability is increased which reduces the need for an external paralleling equipment. One of the units takes the leadership role while the others have access to all control parameters.

Superior Battery Management

It doubles the battery service life which lowers your costs. The UPS features a matching battery cabinet which gives extended run-time for all models. This makes it highly reliable giving more than 220,000 hours MTBF. The ge lp series ups runs an automatic battery test to prevent power surprises. Similarly, it runs battery calibration test which determines whether the battery is aging. The superior battery management system also prevents deep discharge of batteries.

High input power factor

This is the ratio of the real power flowing to the load with the apparent power. It prevents disturbances to other electrical equipments. It features high input power factor of .99 and low input distortion <10%. This eliminates the need for oversized generator or costly filters.

Compact footprint

This makes it easy to maneuver and install. It can actually be installed next to the user. The system is designed with low audible noise.

High crest power

This makes the UPS system suitable for computer loads. The ge lp series ups have a 5:1 crest factor. The load on a UPS will depend on the technique used to generate the UPS output voltage.

High power efficiency

The UPS feature energy efficiency of 91% – 94%. Similarly, the Eco-mode enables automatic energy savings under stable power conditions.

Utilizes high-frequency pulse width modulation

This is a digital control technique that ensures there is low output distortion eliminating the need to oversize the UPS.

LCD screen

It provides clear status for the UPS. One can adjust the UPS parameters and view the comprehensive event log.

Isolation transformer design

This ensures there is ultimate site safety with no DC on the output.


The UPS can be used in call centers, healthcare facilities, computer and data centers, manufacturing control units, financial institutions, security systems, fixed and mobile data transmissions among others.

The ge lp series uses cutting edge technology which has opened a new chapter in the history of UPS systems. It’s scalable design allows efficient use of capital. In addition, it’s easy to install and maintain. The UPS comes with a comprehensive warranty. All models are UL certified and have complied with all safety and EMI standards. The UPS system is designed to deliver results that exceed clients’ expectations.