Considering Online GE 10kva UPS as an Ideal Device for Your UPS System Needs

Our GE UPS Systems help users retain power during an electrical shortage or voltage fluctuation or complete electrical blackout. Our GE Systems are being used worldwide, and they are considered one of the best systems to be relied on when your power can’t be relied on. There are two types of UPS Configuration that should be used in a critical facility. Talk to one of our technicians at to help you decide what is the best configuration for your application.

Also keep in mind, there are line interactive GE UPS Systems also available in the market. Although it is found that the double conversion or online UPS is more expensive than the standby uninterruptible electrical supply, it is highly being used because of its highly polished features. Still, here in the United Sates many places experience electricity shortage or other electrical issues daily. This is the exact reason our GE UPS Systems are used across the globe.

There are various backup protection products on the market such as rack mount UPS. These come with the power capacity of 1KVA, 1.5KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA, 6KVA, 8KVA, 10kVA, 12KVA, 15KVA and 18KVA. These units will have internal batteries that can be further extended if needed by adding additional EBM’s or Extended Battery Modules. Our GE VH Series, GT Series and LP11U series can be rack mounted or tower UP depending on the application. The price of these GE UPS Systems varies considerably according to your exact application. Most can be purchased online which gives you ran easy way to buy quality GE UPS Battery Back-Up Solutions. If your not sure what GE UPS you need then please visit GE-UPSSystems today and talk to one of our Sales Engineers.

Presently, many UPS manufacturers are focusing on the online UPS systems with eco mode operating regime, and it’s also possible for running with low power single-phase system. You simply can’t run all applications through a single UPS type. Each GE uninterruptible power supply whether it’s a large three phase GE TLE , SG Series or LP11U Series , they each have exclusive features which help run the system during an interruption. Our GE UPS Systems ignore momentary power lapses by giving energy from its battery cabinet. In fact, it supplies current during a voltage fluctuation as this may harm the electric appliances thereby resulting in appliance damage and financial loss. Well, an online double conversion topology lessens the efficiency of single-phase uninterruptible power supply by being only 93% to 95% versus the ECO Mode GE Systems that can operate up to 99% or higher!!! Many GE 10kva ups Systems Like Our LP11U Series or our LP33 Series Can run in either mode!

Double conversion uninterruptible power supply systems above 10kVA are the most common UPS type. All our double conversion GE UPS Systems give immediate power backup as the power is always going thru the batteries 100% of the time. Single phase systems only switch to battery power when a power loss or fluctuation is detected.

Some systems can take any where from 4ms to 8ms to switch over. This could be devastating as some newer technology could sense that switch over and drop the load.

You must always make a good decision while choosing your uninterruptible power supply. Your decision must depend on factors like efficiency, footprint, warranty, service and be competitively priced.

Every manufacturer deals with the highest quality and finest products so that it gives smooth electricity supply whenever it is needed. It has greater effectiveness and is a highly trustworthy device which serves the purpose when electricity fluctuates. Uninterruptible power supply manufacturers like Microtel provide a large range of power items to clients which suit their needs perfectly. It enables data saving and appliances operating at the time when the mains power goes off

If you are looking for a standard UPS system, then the10kVA UPS may be the better option for you. This is an ideal product for small and medium businesses who want to avoid the hassle of power disturbance. The standard UPS Smart is reasonably priced and provides a wide range of features such as built-in data line protection and hot swap batteries. Also, it is a flexible product which can be upgraded for businesses and has multiple mounting options for your company.