How to select GE 3KVA UPS for Your Use

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. The purpose of a UPS is to protect your computer from numerous kinds of electrical faults. It stabilizes the power from the output to ensure your PC receives a steady power supply. They also keep your PC running for a brief period after power shuts off suddenly. This gives you time to save all your files before the PC shuts down. In this way, you don’t lose the work you were doing. Basically, the main function of the UPS is to rectify faulty power from the source. However, it kicks in as a backup source of power when power cuts out to protect your PC.

Double conversion UPS systems

A double conversion range UPS is the most common type of UPS. They are preferred over other systems because the AC main is not the primary path of power. Instead the inverter is. The input AC in this type of converter is not the primary source of power but rather a backup source. Because of this feature, if the input AC fails, the transfer switch is not activated. In this way, when the input AC fails there is no resultant transfer time. The power is instantaneous. This means your PC does not switch off saving your documents.

GE series UPS

The GT series UPS are all double conversion systems. Moreover, they are authentic VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) systems. VFI systems are desirable because they have the capacity to protect the computer from adverse effects of voltage variations while not depleting the reserve already stored in the battery. This translates to increased range when the power goes out. They can last longer and support more machines. The GE 3kva UPS systems are part of GE’s GT series. They come equipped with an inbuilt microprocessor to control the interfaces. They are sold in both tower and rack mount form. The purchase also grants you a comprehensive two-year warranty.


  • It has a microprocessor that is fully modern and digitized for all interfaces. The platform created is therefore modern and highly dependable.
  • The battery has matching slots to extend the battery life in the case of the current battery life is inadequate. The slots come as standard with the package.
  • It has a high quality graphic display to give access to the status of the UPS always.
  • The noise notification is audible but not loud. Designed to suit it for the office environment. This makes the UPS the most ideal for the office because the shrill noises from other UPS systems could be quite distracting.
  • The UPS has the ability for a cold start. It can initiate in the absence of a utility preset.
  • It has an output of 110V which can be boosted to 208V with the purchase of additional 3kVa units.
  • It has an automated bypass switch internally. This means it can supply power to the load even when it is overloaded.


The GE 3kva UPS is a UPS with numerous perks and upsides. The fact that it is a double converter UPS system makes it ideal for both home and office uses.