What Are The Different Types Of UPS Systems Available?

Whenever utility power suffers a complete power outage, a UPS will be able to provide a continuous supply of electric current. All these units are usually used as a secondary source of power for emergencies. Depending on the types of business and its requirements, several types of UPS’s might be more suitable than the others. In this article, we will describe the major types of GE UPS Systems which are available on the market at present.


1. Offline UPS- Line Interactive- GE VH Series

Also known as a standby UPS, this particular unit does not act until there is an interruption in the electric current. Whenever this situation takes place, the battery of the UPS starts to supply the current in the absence of the utility. Once the UPS detects either no utility or dirty utility power then the UPS power supply takes 2-6 Ms to switch over to batteries, there is a short period of time during which the power supply is unavailable. Although these types of UPS’s are usually less costly as compared to the other types, several types of sensitive equipment are not able to function properly with them.

2. Online UPS or Double Conversion- GE LP33 Series, TLE Series and SG Series

This type of UPS does maintain a constant link from the battery to the device which requires power. There is a conversion of electricity from AC to DC and then back to AC prior to delivery. The constant connection between the battery of the UPS and the device prevents any loss of power even for a short period and also aids in managing irregularities in voltage. Even though this type of UPS will cost a bit more it more than makes up for tis with more reliable and efficient power.

3. Ferro-Resonant UPS

UPS of this category is quite similar to an offline UPS. Both of them function in an identical way. The only major difference is that the Ferro-Resonant UPS makes use of an internal transformer. The major drawback of an offline UPS happens to be the brief loss in power during the time when the transformer switch is off and the battery starts to supply power. The transformer of Ferro-Resonant UPS is capable of fixing this problem. However, this type of UPS is not used much at present.

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The main problem for almost all small businesses is their budget. A GE Uninterruptible Power Supply does provide reliability and consistency and they do it with your budget in mind. Our GE GT Series, LP11U and LP33U are the most competitive UPS systems on the market without sacrificing reliability. On the other hand, while an offline UPS is quite affordable, it can expose your delicate equipment to unstable power surges. It is imperative to assess your power needs and other options while investing in a UPS.