UPS Guide for Beginners


Computers and other information communication technology is the cornerstone of modern business operations. Safeguarding your ICT systems against damage is of paramount importance to enable the successful running of your day-to-day business. This explains why many companies install some form of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) into their technical setup to prevent problems with power hampering their business efforts.

What is an uninterruptible power supply?

UPS systems are the input between the mains power supply and the equipment (data centers etc.) that requires the power. The primary role of a system is to ensure a constant ‘clean power supply’ to the equipment in case of any dropouts or electrical disturbances. Care should be taken to ensure that the right UPS power supply system, such as the GE 3kva UPS is installed to maximize their utility.

What does uninterruptible power supply protect?

Due to the nature of electricity, it can suffer from problems with extreme variation. These variances (also known as electrical disturbances) come in several types and these are as follows –

Outages – Power cuts may come in short and long lengths and can be very detrimental to systems including loss of data and permanent damage to systems

Voltage variations – Can come in power spikes and drop-offs leaving your system with too much or too little power respectively. This can lead to equipment malfunctioning and irreversible hardware damage.

Interference – this is caused by external effects on the main power grid, resulting in power fluctuations which in turn can affect the operation of ICT equipment.

How does the system protect me?

Although all UPS are different, the GE 3kva UPS have certain functionalities that are available depending on what each system requires including:

Regulation of power supply – in the event of an electrical disturbance on the mains power supply, a UPS system will regulate the quality of the power by adjusting levels accordingly.

Complete power backup – in the event of a complete power failure, systems will be able to provide a constant backup power.

Data backup – More advanced UPS offer complete data backup and safeguard systems by shutting down equipment safely in the event of an emergency.

Is a UPS system essential?

If your company relies on a computer to store or handle sensitive data, you need to have some form of UPS installed like the GE 3KVA UPS they are even becoming more popular in households. Large companies who have any form of the data center will find that it’s a necessity rather than a choice to have UPS installed.

Which system is right for me?

As mentioned previously there is no ‘one size fits all’ uninterruptible power supply system; however, there are now smaller complete packages for domestic or single computer setups available. For large scale ICT setups it is recommended that you consult an expert company to provide you with a bespoke system recommendation.