The utility of various UPS systems and how you can choose the correct one

ups-geThe need to have an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system is now greater than ever as business operations are increasingly relying on electricity. The main purpose of a UPS is to provide a reliable source of power when the main power supply line fails. In simple terms, we can say that this device can be used to keep electronic appliances running for a period of time even after a power cut.

There are multiple technologies available, each with their own set of pros and cons that you must take into consideration before choosing a model.

The three leading UPS technologies

All UPS systems have a rectifier that is responsible for converting AC into DC power, an inverter that converts DC into AC, and lead acid batteries that serve as the energy storage medium. The three most important UPS technologies that are widely used are Offline, Online Double Conversion, and Interactive.

An off-line UPS offers power protection at the most basic level by protecting electronic equipment and from power surges and voltage fluctuations.

A line interactive UPS is quite similar to how an off-line UPS operates but offers the added benefit of regulating the voltage. This UPS comes in handy when the main voltage rises to high levels as it helps bring it down to a normal level or when the voltage goes to a low level by bringing it up to proper levels.

However, the highest power protection is offered by the Online Double Conversion system that always remains on and supports the main load. It can help in regulating output voltage so that there is no deviation, nor there is any break in the mainline in the case of the UPS reverting to battery power. The GE GT series UPS line up can serve your every need as there are various types of models available to suit unique purposes.

Things to consider before purchasing

Before you decide to spend money on a particular model, some things should be taken into consideration. First, you need to begin by determining the load’s total power consumption, the load type, how critical the load is, the place where you’ll set up the UPS, and your budget. If you’re confused about requirements, then consider checking out GE GT series UPS, which has an extensive collection of models that can truly serve every purpose and budget.

Be it for residential use or business, you can stay confident that there will be one model that would be perfect for you.

With UPS would be the best for you?

All things said and done, if you are a business owner then consider getting Online UPS that is capable of handling the long run times. They are designed to function continually using the inverter and provide greater reliability to cost-effectiveness ratio than any other type. Online Double Conversion used to be expensive in the earlier days whereas off-line GE GT series UPS used to be the cheapest; but the prices and operation of these models have changed now, and you have to decide accordingly which one to go for, based on your need.