Protect Your Work and Electronics from Blackouts & Power Surges

upsEven though power is man-made, no one can predict when a blackout or a power surge might occur. Power surges can damage your electronic items while blackouts will definitely interrupt your work. Most people prefer buying a power surge protector to safeguard their appliances when such events occur. However, the solution is not a surge protector but an interruptible power supply (UPS).

UPS systems are a combination of a high quality surge protector and a battery that keeps electronics running throughout a blackout for a short period of time. Fortunately, each GE UPS system comes with unique properties that are ideal for different settings.

Things to know before buying a UPS system

The number of outlets required

Since a UPS unit comes with a number of outlets, you need to consider the number of devices that are currently plugged in and how many of them are essential. The best idea is always to buy a UPS system with two extra outlets.

According to the best GE UPS distributors, most UPS systems come with at least 8 plugs. Not all of these plugs are powered by the battery (for cheaper systems).

The power required for your devices

If your electronic devices require more power than the UPS system can generate, they will go dead. The best way to find out how much power your PC needs is by using a wattmeter. Ensure that you check the power consumption of everything that needs to be plugged in. For instance, if you are using a desktop, find out the wattage of the CPU and the monitor.

What about the warranty?

A UPS system is meant to protect electronics worth thousands of dollars. This is why you need a system with a good warranty. Legit GE UPS distributors will always provide a good warranty for their UPS units. In most cases, the warranty will cover any defects in the UPS and the connected electronic’.

The features

Once the power goes out, the battery kicks in and the plugged in devices don’t die out. That’s what everyone knows when it comes to the salient features of a UPS system. However, good GE UPS systems come with advanced features such as USB connectivity, a software suit and a disconnecting battery notification. Some will even come with an LED that indicates the remaining runtime in minutes and battery charge.

Types of UPS Technologies

Offline Standby Technology

An offline UPS allows power to flow straight through it during a normal operation. Here, RFI filtering is provided.

In case of a blackout, the UPS detects this and the relay closes allowing the UPS to start. The UPS battery power is fed to the electronic(s) via an inverter. These systems are silent during operation, very efficient and cheap.

However, they offer minimal power protection, poor output voltage regulation and have no failsafe method.

Line Interactive UPS

They come with an enhanced power protection. They provide an additional line conditioning and this makes them ideal for a wider range of input voltages.

There are many types of UPS technologies provided by GE UPS distributors which come with benefits and limitations. Ensure that you pick the right one for your requirements.