Introducing The GE Digital EnergyTM LP Series UPS Systems

ups-geWith more than one hundred years in the power industry, General Electric has effectively established itself as a global leader in this domain. This is mainly through its unparalleled capacity of unveiling different innovative technologies that totally outclasses its various rivals. Its line of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, in particular are specifically designed to allow optimal standards in terms of power protection for mission critical applications.

These products which range from 350VA to 6MVA are highly noted for being equipped with varying technologies, all of which can offer a firm guarantee that despite of your distinctive requirements or preferences, you can at all times find the right solution. Put in another way, with a General Electric power solution, you can always be rest assured of optimal protection for all your mission critical processes.

The General Electric Digital EnergyTM LP UPS series

Essentially, this line happens to be composed of comprehensive and high performance UPS systems solutions, all of which are in an excellent position of supplying information quality power to your critical applications.

Additionally, these UPS systems have gained an unprecedented reputation for the unparalleled level of ease in which they can be installed and even serviced.

The GE LP series UPS are also widely acclaimed for their versatility, and they can be set up in a wide variety of application settings in an easy as well as convenient manner. These UPS systems can be seamlessly incorporated into any office setting and if need be, even in numerous industrial applications.

Redundant parallel architecture (RPTAM) technology

Largely thanks to this company’s exclusive RPTAM, the GE LP series UPS products’ power can be effortlessly expanded by parallel units. At the same time, the unmatched dependability of these UPS systems can be significantly improved by the addition of other redundant units. This naturally allows you to able to effectively create a fully redundant power system, which is totally devoid of any point of failure.

Almost 100% power systems reliability

As you perhaps may already be aware of, power dependency has over the recent years drastically escalated in our contemporary business environment. With the growth of ecommerce, mobile connectivity, corporate internet networks and networked IT structures, many companies power needs have leaped to unprecedented heights.

What this really signifies is the fact that near 100% power system availability is usually a must in regards to tremendous financial and business repercussions of it not been so. Generally speaking, the absence of power and the downtime that results, tend to lead to catastrophic repercussions. While any unobserved mains disruption can adversely affect a company’s expensive equipment, not to mention its mission critical processes.

Fortunately, the General Electric digital EnergyTM LP series of UPS systems can easily address all the concerns listed above. Thanks to these products’ voltage and frequency independent (VFI) design these UPS systems are able to provide the highest level of dependency and protection to your precious equipment and mission critical processes.

The GE IP series UPS systems are indeed in a class of their own in every sense of the phrase. The unparalleled versatility and reliability of these UPS solutions can be exactly what you need, especially when it comes to the comprehensive protection of your expensive equipment and mission critical processes.