How to choose the best UPS model

The installation of the uninterruptible power supply means protection for your electronics and data. UPS offer you a solution to the problems caused by power outages; these issues include hardware damage, corruption of software files and data loss. In a situation like a hospital, people’s lives are reliant upon consistent energy being provided to power equipment such as surgical machines and monitors a power cut could cause disaster. Whether you are considering choosing UPS for personal use or business use, it is imperative to gather information that will help you choose the best and reliable model.


Choosing the best UPS model

Choose a model like GE LP Series UPS with enough surge and battery backup respective to power your computer, monitor and any other low-powered device that’s critical for your business or personal use. Avoid plugging your printer into the battery backup, as they draw too much power for the batteries to keep up with. Instead, plug them into the Surge-Only plugs

Check the ratings and the quality

UPS Battery Backups are universal power units and will power any electrical device as long as it’s power draw (in watts) is within the unit’s capacity. Check the Watts rating for the device before connecting to the UPS to see if it surpasses the unit Watts rating.

Run-times are shown in full-load or half-load ratings (in minutes) indicating the duration of time the GE LP series UPS will power devices when they are drawing the maximum or half of the maximum wattage capacity. Many UPS devices come with a free auto-shutdown software that can properly save your work and shutdown your computer when the battery power is critically low.

Many businesses have implemented UPS systems for exactly the reason explained above. By working closely with your ups suppliers or an expert it is possible to put together a well thought out plan of action that can be executed smoothly causing minimum interruptions to day to day business running in cases where you are installing UPS in a business or large organization. An expert will help you in the selection process and help you in making the best decision.

Don’t wait until you lose work or damage electronics due to power spikes or outages. Invest in GE LP Series UPS to protect your valuable computer equipment and files from damage or loss. The next time a power spike hits your office or home, you’ll continue computing with a smile.