Features and Functions of GE IT Series UPS


Imagine a situation, when you are giving a power point presentation in front of your seniors regarding some important business issue, then suddenly power failure occurred. But still, within a few seconds, you resumed with your work. Reason being, your organization is fully protected by uninterrupted power supply solutions. Let’s gather brief yet useful information about these powers backup solution devices in detail.

What is a UPS?

UPS, popularly known as un-interruptible power supply, is an electronic device that aids in maintaining incessant flow of electric power when utility power is not available. It is also known as power backup solutions. Voltage sags, spikes, etc are some of the common problems because of which power failure occurs and uninterrupted power supplies are apt solution in such conditions.

What are the different types of Uninterrupted Power supplies?

 Basically, there are three types of UPS:
1. Line-interactive
2. Online or Double Conversion
3. Offline or passive stand by

 GE IT series UPS

You can get many types of UPS in the market which come from different manufacturers. GE’s IT Series is a line interactive UPS system that is able to deliver a cost-effective power protection in 19 inch rack and tower format. It is equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) which ensures that your devices stay protected and functioning well. It is an ideal UPS for server, data storage, point of sale applications and networking. The GE IT series UPS is also equipped with USB and RS232 communication ports. This UPS unit also comes with an RJ11 port which is used for telephone or modem protection.

The GE’s IT Series is an efficient line ensures a continuous and sine wave output. It prevents device damage caused by voltage fluctuations, power outages, and even transient surges. All GE’s IT Series UPS come with swappable batteries with two-year product warranty.


1. Has a Single Phase Output Voltages of 125V  2. 50/60Hz auto-sensing –
2. 95 per cent efficiency – It has high energy saving capacity with Low losses.
3. LED display for the UPS, battery status and the load – 4. Wide operating temperature – It can operate well between 0 to 40 degree Celsius.

Mentioned below are some of the important functions that a GE it series UPS can perform.

1. High or low voltage protection:
Too high or too low voltage impacts the life and performance of the equipment. In some cases, high voltage may burn the equipment. When the supply of electricity becomes too high or too low, the built-in voltage regulator of the IT series UPS makes adjustments, so that the voltage is brought to a stable range which can be used safely.

2. Provides temporary power:
IT series UPS serves as a short-term backup power supply in case of sudden power-outage.

3. Equipment protection:
Electrical disturbances can damage the computer systems causing damage to data, software and even hardware. IT series UPS helps in saving the equipment from electrical disturbances or any power surges.

IT series UPS will provide sufficient time to create a backup for your system data and secures the operating system, by allowing it to timely shutdown in case of failure of main power supply.

It is fact that, with increasing power cuts due to shortage of power, nowadays, a UPS becomes a must buy device, for protection of important equipment.