A Close Look At Digital Energy UPS from GE


Those on the lookout for a quality industrial grade UPS certainly have quite a few interesting bits of information available in this article. There are certainly some advantages when you decide to go in for digital energy UPS systems over analog variants. While there are many brands and models available in the market, many customers prefer going in for suitable energy UPS. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at the various features and functionalities of this Uninterruptible Power System.

GE is an Iconic Name

One of the main reasons why people have an inherent faith in this particular UPS is because it comes from the house of GE which without any doubt is an iconic brand name and a prestigious institution in more ways than one. This is a brand new product from the house of GE and it comes with a number of important features and benefits. It can accommodate a 6 minute full load and comes with a number of other features. It weighs around 67.7 pounds. The UPS systems are known for their 97 to 98% energy efficiency and that too in double conversion mode. When they are operated in the eBoost mode customers can also expect 99% energy efficiency.

A Few More Positive Attributes

They are easy to install and it comes with TLE series and also comes with another unique feature. It offers 30 to 40 front access options making it easy to operate the machine where there are multiple requirements. It also would be pertinent to mention that apart from the TLE series, GE also has come out with a number of variants under the SG Series. They can operate within a range of 10 to 750 KVA and they are known to provide one of the best transient as well as step loads. They also totally eliminate single points of failure.

These GE digital energy UPS systems are perfectly suited for large enterprise data networks. Additionally they also have the much talked about LP33 Series. They are a technologically advanced UPS system. This is because they are transformer less and are perfectly suited for those regions where 50 HZ power is the in thing. They are specifically designed and made suitable for power plants, IT support, telecom, hospital and healthcare and other critical needs and requirements.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that when it comes to UPS systems with the best of digital technology, choosing GE digital UPS products makes lot of commercial sense because of their proven track record.