4 Tips to Find the Best UPS Unit


Have you ever been a part of such a situation where you are working on your computer and the power suddenly goes out? Immediately, your computer turns off and you know you have lost some important data, which you wish you had the chance to save. Anything, including a flaw in a transformer’s equipment, or a car crashing into a nearby pole, may result in a blackout, and such situations are unpredictable. Though you cannot prevent such situations from happening you certainly can get the chance to save your important data by using a UPS. But with so many UPS systems available how do you find the best? If this is what you are now wondering then continue reading and discover some helpful tips.


1. Figure out the number of outlets you require
A UPS will have a certain number of outlets and so you need to think how many devices you presently have plugged in, and how many are really important that you will require being powered by your UPS system. Whatever your requirement is, add two to it so that you enjoy flexibility in the future.

2. Find out how much power your devices will need
You now need to find out how much power will be consumed by the devices that will be connected to the UPS. If your devices require more power than is generated by the UPS then they are likely to go dead, despite the battery having enough charge. You must find the consumption of each and everything that will be powered.

3. For how long you will run on battery?
You also have to think for how long your devices will have to run. Some people purchase an UPS electric system as they just need few minutes to save their work and shut down their devices. Others need an UPS so that they can work for about an hour during blackouts. To find out how long your connected devices will be powered by the UPS you need to add together the wattage drawn by them and then check the load/runtime graph of the product.

4. Consider the features you need
Different types of UPS systems have different features to offer. You can expect the most basic unit to offer features like, USB connectivity, disconnecting battery notification, and a software suit that you can control through your PC to fine tune settings and find out the amount of power that is being consumed. A better unit will have better features like a LED that will let you know about the remaining runtime and charge of the battery in minutes.

Apart from following these tips, while buying a UPS also make sure to check the warranty offered by the company. After all, you will be paying a good sum to purchase the unit, and a good warranty will allow you to enjoy peace of mind.